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Bulgaria opens up opportunities for investment . The tax rate is only 10% and rentals are very economical. We help you through our partners in Bulgaria to et up your business and provide you with a project viability report and take you through all legal formalities of the country. Call us for an appointment. Think beyond India.

We propose the following services: 

Outsourcing of the following services:

  • Extensive research of goods & service markets and careful price analysis
  • Research of prospects in long-term plans for the growth of markets and industries
  • Analysis of competitive surroundings (competitors, business possibilities and strategic positioning to reach a better market place)
  • Elaboration of marketing strategies and geographic localization of target customers
  • New products marketing & development
  • Information about home industries and target markets’ conjuncture
  • Statistic information about the production of goods and bank services
  • Competition information in every business field (market’s share, SWOT-analysis, etc.)
  • Information on economical and political tendencies in Bulgaria, which you can not find in Internet 
  • Specific & particular information

    Buying properties:

  • Search of properties for the customer according to his requirements
  • Proposition of different properties to the customer
  • Visiting different properties together with the customer
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Finalisation and purchase (or signing a rent-to-buy contract)

Services of reception in Bulgaria:

  • Organisation of visits and specialised tours for investors
  • Elaboration of programs for visits, transportation, accommodation and translation for business meetings
  • Translation & legalisation of any kind of documents
  • Organisation of symposiums and conferences

Company foundation in Bulgaria:

  • Analysis of customers’ needs and possibilities for local implementation
  • Work-out of projects & business-plans for establishment and development
  • Implementation of procedures for the establishment of new company in Bulgaria
  • Settlement of relationships and introduction to principal partners

    Human’s resources management:

  • Analysis of needs and pre-selection of people required to be drawn into service
  • Selection of the staff and assessment of their skills
  • Teaching & training of the staff according to the needs of the company
  • Services for team-building and staff’s motivation
  • Organization & running of services for the staff – company’s restaurant, cafeteria, sports areas, etc.
  • Replacement and sustained training of the staff

    Investment strategies:

  • Elaboration of long & short term strategies
  • Elaboration of investment criteria (fundamentals, marketing situation, fields and possibilities to invest, ROI analysis, etc.)
  • Complete analysis of a particular company (in case of privatization or acquiring of stake) and elaboration of analytic coefficients to make an investment decision
  • Valuation and management of risk factors for investment portfolio diversification – establishment, structure, maturities, dates of payment and liquidation of securities (assets, shares, real estates, etc.)
  • Creation and management of any kinds of investment funds

Strategies of market penetration:

  • Situation and detailed analysis of entire conjuncture of the target markets
  • Elaboration of penetration strategies for a particular target market
  • Search and unveiling of production problems and lack of products & services to meet the needs
  • Implementation of market penetration strategies
  • Export of goods & services

    Representation to the Bulgarian administration:

  • Implementation of any kind of representation

Services for participation in investment projects:

  • Customer-tailored search for attractive and profitable projects
  • Legalization of necessary documents for participation in new projects & companies (financial participation, purchasing shares, protection of interests, rights & legal guarantees, etc.)
  • Representation and defence of interests regarding other shareholders in a particular company
  • Any kind of support and protection concerning every service mentioned above

    Presentation and advertisement:

  • Organisation and realisation of new goods & services promotion
  • Organisation and fulfilment of any kind of advertisement (newspapers, radio, TV-clips, etc.)
  • Realisation of PR & publicity campaigns
  • Printing publicity materials (billboards, booklets, letter-paper, business cards, etc.)

    Protection & Investigation services:

  • Industrial and commercial investigation
  • Fight against unfair competition
  • Fight against stealing in company
  • Investigation about people & companies and special services (debt collection, fight against industrial espionage, etc.)
  • Complete analysis and identification of risks for any kind of protection
  • Security systems installation & running (closed-circuit TV watch, special locks, safes, etc.)
  • Protection of manufacturing plants, offices, warehouses, etc. and setting up of guard services
  • Transportation & protection of goods and people


SAP (Services Additionally Proposed)

We propose the following SAP (Services Additionally Proposed):

Management of manufacturing process:

  • Complete analysis of operations and productivity increase
  • Quality control at every stage of a manufacturing process
  • Increase of operational effectiveness and optimization of functionality & production rates (augmentation of profitability, augmentation of productivity, etc.)
  • Creation of any kind of industrial & office applications
  • Management of distributors’ chain

    Creation of development strategies:

  • Analysis of opportunities of acquisition and investment in new markets
  • Identification and complete analysis of local partners & competitors
  • Thorough investigation of an eventual market (dimensions, tendencies of development, participants, etc.) and distributors’ chains
  • Construction & development of chain of branches and manufacturing plants
  • Elaboration of development & negotiation strategies for conclusion of contracts

    Book-keeping services:

  • Accomplishment of any kind of such services

    Legal services:

  • Accomplishment of any kind of such services
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