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"I can personally attest to the professionalism and compassion of Mr. Guruprasad of the Globetrotters group.

I am a US citizen and have been living in the US for 26 years.  I currently live in Bedford, TX.

When my father was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer, I made plans to return to India to care for him.  But before I could arrive in India (a period of about 10 days), my father had to be admitted to hospital as his blood counts had gotten very low.  My father had to be transfused with both blood and platelets at Health Care Global - a cancer hospital in Bangalore.  This was the first time my father was receiving blood transfusion.

Mr. Guruprasad was on hand to assist my aged mother and guide my father through such complex medical treatment.  My father had refused to undergo a bone marrow biopsy as recommended by his doctors protesting that this procedure is too painful.  Mr. Guruprasad was one of many key confidantes that finally convinced my father to go through this test. The results of this test later proved devastating as they showed that my father had become terminally ill - with the cancer having spread to his blood [the reason for his low blood counts].

Mr. Guruprasad is well familiar with other technical hospital procedures.  After my father's doctors agreed to discharge him, Mr. Guruprasad helped secure for him a quick discharge by working with various hospital departments, settling paperwork and out-of-pocket fees.  This is important because Indian insurance companies require paperwork to be in perfect order for claims to be processed.

Later, Mr. Guruprasad took my parents to their home in his car - and made arrangements for my father's return visits to the hospital for continued blood monitoring.

After I arrived in India, Mr. Guruprasad continued to be a person I could call on for advice on navigating complex health care
matters.  For example, when my father's condition turned worse, I remember discussing with him if palliative treatment was a good option.

My father passed away on June 30, 2012 but I rest in comfort knowing that all of us together (Mr. Guruprasad included) did our small part to protect his quality of life to the extent possible.

Rajkamal Rao
1732 Timber Glen Dr
Bedford, TX 76022
Phone: 817.571.8346"

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