"The Globetrotters" team will direct you to places of interest across the Globe where you can sharpen your skills in Art, Culture, Martial Arts, Yoga, Alternative Medicine and the like. The uniqueness is, we take you to places where they originated. It is an experience to learn from the masters in the very environment they learnt and taught. When you visit these sacred abode of learning you enjoy the surroundings which are not usually available on a tourist map. One picks up the culture and ethnic aura of the city, nay the country itself. It is an experience to cherish which remains with you for the rest of your life. The Soul is touched.

The Globetrotters present to you the Globe to Learn, Explore and Enjoy.

Watch us; we keep adding places ... because there is much to learn from every country and their masters! You choose what you wish to learn and where to go and we will work out a suitable package for you.

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